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Handmade from the workshop

Unique designs

be it your design, our design or a blending of the two we can create a truly unique piece of jewellery for you.

our workshop is in store which allows you to be intimately involved in the design, the selection of gems and materials for your unique creation.

Natural coloured gems

we pride ourselves in sourcing the finest quality coloured gems for your special creation.

the stones are hand picked from our trusted sources.

we love to introduce our clients to the kaleidoscope of colour available from coloured gems.

orange garnet, green tourmaline, apricot topaz, golden beryl, pink spinel, iolite,.......... and so many more.

we of course source the finest natural ruby, sapphire (every colour of the raibow), and emerald.

Diamonds of the highest quality

our diamonds are carefully chosen for their fire, brilliance and scintillation.

we believe that the cut (the proportions and angles chosen by the cutter) is the priority when choosing a diamond followed by the colour and finally the clarity.

WHY CUT? it is the cut that allows light to enter the diamond then explode out with maximum fire and brilliance in all the colours of the rainbow.

COLOUR. a high colour grade allows the colours of the rainbow to be vivid and pure.

CLARITY. the least number of flaws/ inclusions means the least interference to the fire and brilliance of the diamond

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